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Yerin Do adds leather “parasites” to wooden furniture

Graduate designer Yerin Do presented leather clothes hooks that slot into wooden surfaces to make them look like they’re infested with fungi at the Royal College of Art degree show, For her Parasite Hooks project, Do drilled angled holes into the wooden surfaces of a wardrobe and an armchair. She described the process as “like planting” and told Dezeen that the project references the natural world. “Mushroom and moss grow on the trunks of trees, mussels growing on sea rocks – I am fascinated by these creatures that use the surface of another being as their base,” said Do. “They change its appearance and characteristic entirely.”

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How I pratice drawing things, now in a tutorial form.
The shrimp photo I used is here
Show me your shrimps if you do this uvu 

PS: lots of engrish because foreign 

This is the best art advice ever and you should all listen to it because it’s basically what I’ve been telling people for years.


i was not expecting that to actually work

Reblogging every time this pops up on my dash because this is helpful for everyone .

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A quick style journal warmup. Nothing but grey and black so far this week. 


A quick style journal warmup. Nothing but grey and black so far this week. 

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Ian painted me

Ian painted me

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Daily Show correspondent Michael Che tries to find a safe place to report from.

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We Are Above the Law Declares County Attorney

August 19, 2014 | Paul Craig Roberts

Habersham County, GA: This is the jurisdiction that allowed intentionally, or through negligence, a SWAT team to break into a home with violent force in the middle of the night and throw a stun grenade into a baby’s face, sending him to a hospital for weeks where he was in life support, has ruled that it would be illegal for the county to pay the baby’s medical bills. 

See For Video Report: http://www.wsbtv.com/videos/news/county-will-not-pay-medical-bills-for-toddler-hurt/vCncdf/

The negligence of the police, and thereby the county, is a triple dose. 

It was the wrong house. 

A SWAT team was unnecessary in order to exercise a search warrant for a drug suspect. 

There was no excuse for throwing a stun grenade into a baby’s crib.

But the county attorney has ruled that the county is not liable for these massive incidences of unbridled negligence.

However, the unjustifiable SWAT team assault on the family in the home was legal.

As the saying goes, “a fish rots from the head.” 

The rot in government accountability that began in Washington has now reached the local level.


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